Andrei Pusoiu

General manager

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 23th November
DescriptionWe are a young boutique consulting company based in Cluj-Napoca, founded by senior engineers and project managers offering Cyber Security Services for clients in Europe, USA and Asia. We are proud of achieved very good results by highlighting weaknesses even with all client defenses active.
Our services:Penetration TestingTesting of the IT Services and Infrastructure from the point of view of an attacker. The deliverable is a detailed report of the vulnerabilities found and their remediation. The report contains an executive high level summary, the detailed methodology and detailed descriptions of the vulnerabilities found.
Forensics and InvestigationsWe perform structured investigation against cyber security crimes in order to determine and reveal technical criminal evidence. This service is applied whenever a company suffered or suspects a cyber security breach against it assets: data, hardware devices, illegal activity.
Cyber Security TrainingWe offer 4 types of on-site and off-site trainings:Cyber Security Engineer Training (target: engineers)Cyber Security Management Training (target: management team)Secure Programming (target:engineers)Awareness Training (target: complete company).
Organization Size1-10
Areas of Activities